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Can i use this assets for GameJam

Yes, until your game brings commercial profits including prizes, donations, ads profit etc, you don't need to buy commercial license.

Hello, i will most likely use this tileset. Do you accept payment via bitcoin? And if you wish to see what i use it for i post the link below.


Hello! First of all, you did a great job, and I really liked how everything works. It's a wonderful! Regarding your question, no, I don't accept payments via bitcoin because of the contentious legality of such payments in my country.

Ah that that sad, its quite convinient to use when it comes to online stuff. I will pay with paypal then =)

But i gotta look into it abit later. Long time since i used paypl

Let me know if you got more art like this. I like the style and finding good tile sets and art that fits together is difficult.


I'll do. I am currently working on a large set of items for a role-playing game in a fantasy / medieval setting (currently contains more than 320 items). Perhaps, after finishing that, I'll make another tileset for a platformer game.

That's cool! I wish you the best of luck.



I downloaded your tileset and been working with it as a placeholder for later. Im not sure i will use it in the final product, but i thought i'd let you know. I uploaded a video on youtube showing my progress of a game im working on  and i am currently using some of your work. I hope that's okay. 

If i end up using it i dont have problem with paying 9usd for it. I just dont want to pay for it just yet without knowing if i will use it in the end. 

Let me know if you have any comments on it. Cheers.

Hi! I'm glad that you are find this tileset useful. Use it freely as a placeholder, show your game prototype to other people to get feedback or engage new parners. No matter. You don't need to pay any fee until you use any part of this asset in the final product. So feel  free and good luck in further development.


These assets are for personal-use only. Lame!