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Yes, this is a big pack of wearable items for RPG or clicker games. All items are "common rarity", so you are can use this pack in several games (in Titan Quest are used only 3 skins of 3 materials for "common rarity" axes, for example) or get extremely huge items skin variation in one.

In this pack you'll find not only swords and axes but such weapons as flails, war hammers, spears, bardiches, halberds, daggers e.t.c. Ranged weapons represented by 20 unique bows with a 3 skins either.

Variety of a common helmets and shields should satisfy needs of most users. Note that almost all body armor originally don't have a spaulders or bracers. They are goes separately so you can mix them as you want to get more skins of common body armor.

Of course for all who loves to play a mage class characters here has enough of staffs, robes, hats, books and scrolls. You can use all of a pre-made book of spells or just take the first book of each "school" with its symbol or draw your own icons on the blank covers of books. The choice is yours!

As there is no one RPG game can exist without a potions and coins I have included this items to the pack. Oh, and I almost forgot. First row of items are just for fun, but you've got it.

I know that not all want to make games with a few character classes. It would be unfair to sell you the whole pack for full price if you're planned to make game only about a warrior and you don't needs all this magic stuff and ranged weapons. So if it is your case, you can buy the "melee only" set of items for lower price.

And for all who will support me with a small donate, I don't know do you need it but as a grateful you'll get a potions and coins.

Technical characteristics:

Size of all items are 32x32 pixels.
Sprite sheet is 20x43 cells, 36 of which are empty so total count of items are 824.
All items you can see in the video trailer.


Q: Can I use a set of free items (weapon_free.png) for commercial purposes?
A: Yes, of course. Be free to use it wherever you want.

Q: I found an additional files in downloaded archive. Can I use them too?
A: Yes, all files that you find in the archive you can use for personal and commercial purposes.

Q: This pack is so awesome, but I want more! How about a more weapon and armor types, their new epic-legendary-magical-rare-unique skins, and consumable items like a food, craft materials, tools, containers...
A: In nearest future I've actually planned to keep learning draw in more traditional 2D style, not in pixel-art. But if this pack will be enough demanded then I'm for sure will make add-on.


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weapon_free.png 51 kB
coins_and_potions.png 32 kB
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Melee only 663 kB
if you pay $12 USD or more
Full pack 988 kB
if you pay $20 USD or more

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